What is Brand Activation?

What is brand activation?
What is brand activation?

If you are in the field of business, you may have heard about brand activation. But what is brand activation?

Brand activation is a marketing move that builds a business’ image. This is done by connecting the business and consumers with personal interaction tactics. It involves campaigns, events, or any strategic ways of interactions that will generate the customer’s awareness about your business. And it builds long-term connections with the customers or the target audience. 

In every business, brand activation plays an important role. It helps the brand to be known by the business’s target audience. Not only to know by name but also to recognize what service or product it serves. Also, with the help of brand activation, engagement can be generated. With all the engagement, you are giving your target audience a reason to be excited about your business. And that’s how the process of brand activation begins. 

But there’s no guarantee that all your marketing moves for brand activation will succeed as you expected it. That makes us need a brand activation agency to come into the process. 

How to Make Brand Activation Successful?

A business owner who is planning to do a successful brand activation move for his business must deal with the brand activator. The brand activator could be an individual expert or a brand activation agency. A brand activation agency helps a brand by creating a genuine connection between the business and the target audience. They are well equipped with knowledge in using technology to create immersive marketing strategies. 

A good brand activation agency that a business should hire must know the four types of brand activation. Keep reading and learn more about the types of brand activation that your business should acquire. 

Types of Brand Activation

  1. Experiential marketing
    It is also known as engagement marketing. It is one of the activation brands that create an immersive engagement with the target audience. This type of brand activation generates the interest of customers in the product or service of a business. This is by using a strategy that doesn’t primarily focus on the product but also the values of the brand.  
  2. In-store brand activation
    This type of brand activation involves the use of the best setting to conduct a brand activation campaign, in-store. This type, also, is the most in-demand tactic among B2C brands. It involves strategies such as hosting events at their stores, providing special freebies, and letting the audience get to try the sample products personally. 
  3. Samples and free trial campaigns
    One of the most proven effective brand activation types is giving away product samples and trials for free. Businesses invest in free giveaways and trials to let people try the product for free. With that, they will get to experience the product or service without spending any amount. By giving them the opportunity for free, they can enjoy the benefit of the product that will help them decide to buy again. And the best scenario is they will get to shift from their old brand to your brand. 
  4. Trade shows and industry events
    This type of brand activation is one good opportunity to activate your brand at a higher level. Invest in trade shows or industry events to introduce your brand to new audiences. This is also a good way to let your target audience try out your prepared experiential marketing and sample giveaways.
What is brand activation?
What is brand activation?

Now, you have a better understanding of brand activation. Knowing more about brand activation can give you more confidence that your business will succeed and get ahead of others. Just make sure that you hire the right brand activator or brand activation agency to work for your business.

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