In our modern era, almost everything can be done digitally. Even for entertainment. We can entertain ourselves just by merely using our smartphones and playing online games. A lot of software applications were made throughout the years. A few examples are Paypal and Amazon that made money and purchased transactions done online. And of course, the rise of online games which is now recognized as E-sports and is now an industry globally. Let us click on the button and know more about it.

E-sport as an e-gaming

The rise of esports during covid-19
What is the reason for the sudden rise of the esports industry?

Maybe, not all of you know it already but e-gaming is now considered a sport. It is now recognized as a competitive sport around the world. For instance, South Korea is seeing e-sports the same as other physical sports. Even their air force has a tournament e-sports team while professional gamers are having their military service. E- gaming professionals are recognized as athletes in many countries nowadays. Even though you may think that it involves only a gamer sitting in front of a computer or a smartphone. 

E-gaming evolved from a hobby to becoming gaming tournaments and events. This is where individuals from different competing teams gather together to show their gaming skills. And there are specified areas that were made for such events. 

Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends are few examples where a professional gamer can compete individually or join a team to battle with other teams. Various media platforms are televising e-gaming sport and that is another reason why participants are not only called gamers but athletes.

E-sport in the gaming industry

The sudden rise of e-sports created a big market in the E-gaming industry. We can compare it to other sporting events like UFC, Boxing, or NBA. The vast number of people who are playing online games increased rapidly. And as well as the capacity of the new technology to connect different professional gamers around the world. 

It gave birth to a new industry of displaying gaming skills, e-gaming. Here, they broadcast the gaming leagues and tournaments locally and internationally. And that creates a lot of money with the participating countries are giving to these e-gaming events. 

E-sports – how it started

esports market trends
The rise of e-sports, what it means for the gaming industry

On the record, the first e-game event happened on October 19.1972 at Stanford University where participants played Space War. Software development has evolved until today where there are thousands of gaming applications on Appstore or Google Play Store. So it is not a surprise that e-sports is now globally recognized. Everything is online and everything can be shared like the skills and all of those games that may interest a young brilliant mind to become the best gamer athlete in the world. Technology innovations and involvement is the reason why this e-sport is now trending.

An additional reason that e-sports is so popular today is because of the media like ESPN that broadcast e-sports events around the world. Wherever you are in the world, you can watch e-games.

Future of e-sports industry

In our modern world today, most of our tasks involve digitally controlled equipment and gadgets. You may think that e-sports does not show physical activities but in reality, it has. The excitement of the games involves physical exertion like dancing and the heart rate it brings to the gamers. Studies show that it is considered similar to traditional physical sports in terms of the competitive setup where teams are battling using their analyzing skills to win the games.

Generally, the future of the e-sport industry will become bigger and more popular in the coming years with the capacity of gaming enthusiasts, fans, and professional gamers to connect globally using the internet. And because of its recognition as a sport, global viewers will always support this industry.

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