In Telecommunication, 5G is the 5th generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which a lot of cellular companies introduced to society.

There are companies in Australia that introduce the network and offer various types of services in 2019. I am sure you have heard about all the information about the latest network offered.

Many people don’t know what a 5G network is and its capability when it comes to internet speed. Mixed feelings like hesitation and doubt on what the network is about. Here we are going to talk about the 5G network but not all the definitions because I know you have read a lot of information already. It is said to be the fastest among other old versions of internet speed like 4G. 

Are you one of those people who have curiosity about the 5G network? Then this blog is for you to keep reading until the end to know why you have to start thinking if it’s time to change. This is based on my personal knowledge and research about the 5G network.

The 5G experience in Australia

Australia’s 5G network has been launched in 2019 by different network providers in Australia. Still, it depends on the location of availability of the network like cities that are categorized as suburbs. Different internet company providers offer different plans according to the customers’ need for the speed of the internet.

According to the Department of Communications and the Arts, the rise of 5G in the country has a great impact on the different sectors in the economy. This is in terms of production and innovation. 

People worldwide are longing for a faster, more reliable internet connection. Unfortunately, not everyone could avail of it because of the customers’ locations. The availability of its network still depends on where you are. Gadgets like smartphones are welcome, the latest versions are even good when it comes to this network.

Why choose the 5th Generation internet technology?

The network has introduced its new capabilities of internet usage. We all got tired of the slow rate of browsing affecting our jobs, especially to people who rely so much on using the internet. The majority of the people worldwide use the internet and we must adopt a new version of faster internet speed like 5G. 

This is finally the answer for those problems we encountered before and we just have to embrace the new change as we evolve overtime when it comes to technology. Things change around us and we must adopt the changes.

Are you now on 5G?

You can tell that you are already on 5G when you getting a better experience than your previous connection. To name a few are: 

  1. You are now experiencing faster internet surfing that can help get your job done quickly.  Whether you are conducting researches or having video calls with your loved ones. 
  2. 5G lets you experience no lagging or buffering for video streaming.
  3. With 5G, too, the energy consumption through smartphones can turn low.


When 5G was first introduced in Australia in 2019 by Nokia and TPG Telecom, it started getting into the home broadband business. To which, in the record, is still being the best choice for some users. 

Now we can say we are the greatest among other competitor countries, emerging companies who offer great internet speed. But there are still some who had not to decide yet if they’re up for a change of internet line. Some people are still hesitant about it. They are thinking it will jeopardize your privacy and that is the main concern to people.

We can’t deny the fact that this 5G network is the new generation of evolving humanity when it comes to technology. Should you have to take the first step to welcome the change and be open-minded about it. The only question is, are you open-minded enough to try and take the risk to welcome the new change? Try now and comment on this blog and we will see you next time to talk about the 5G network from your own personal experiences.

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